Deloitte introduces ‘blind hiring’ to counter bias in recruitment

Global markets are facing downward pressure and with more pressure than ever to justify investment in people and systems, we’re starting to see some more dynamic approaches to hiring and recruitment.

We were interested to learn this month that Deloitte in the UK has introduced blind hiring as a blanket strategy across their region. This approach seeks to deliberately ignore documentary evidence such as university grades and focus on better proven predictors of actual success in the workplace.

Deloitte’s approach is to rely on contextualised recruitment via an online system to allow recruiters and managers to gain an insight into the context in which a candidate has gained their experiences.

While this approach is novel, the science behind hiring for fit is well established. In 2009 a paper featured in Organization Science examined hiring practices at an insurance firm. The authors hypothesised that lack of cultural fit would be detrimental to the success of new hires, but the results were even more compelling: poor cultural fit in fact completely eliminated all the good that came from experience.

Deloitte – one of the largest and best respected advisors and research think tanks in the region, aims to access a more diverse pool of talent, and improve their investment in the development of young people by using this approach.

Whilst discussion continues about the role and process of assessing cultural fit as part of recruitment, the industry continues to build a body of research and information in support of cultural fit as the future of recruitment. You can read more about Deloitte’s approach here.

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