Launches Fully Automated Dynamic Candidate Screening System

Perth based start-up is excited to kick off the new year with launch of its new and improved “Dynamic Candidate Screening” system. Covocate 2.0 brings automated, online processing for job candidate screening that will make the shortlisting of candidates more accurate, faster and reliable than ever before. Choosing the right person to hire is[…]

Feel Good Business

When we founded our tech startup last year, we focused on responding to client needs first and foremost. But some of the best feedback we encountered wasn’t from clients – it was from their job candidates. When we explained our mission to make the recruitment process a bit fairer, a bit easier, a bit less[…]

The Synth Algorithm

It’s interesting sometimes to take a step back and think about systems as a cohesive whole. If we were to start from scratch from today, would we arrive at the same place? Recruitment is at once a simple and difficult process. Put simply, a successful hire = getting the best available candidate into the role.[…]