Feel Good Business

When we founded our tech startup last year, we focused on responding to client needs first and foremost. But some of the best feedback we encountered wasn’t from clients – it was from their job candidates.

When we explained our mission to make the recruitment process a bit fairer, a bit easier, a bit less awful, it really resonated with applicants sick and tired of dealing with arbitrary selection criteria based on keywords, which font they used, and other meaningless measures unconnected to their potential performance.

Feedback around recruiters was similarly one-sided. Sorry, linkedin connections – we know it’s not all of you – but keyword based resume screening, lack of transparency, and general value for money in shortlisting candidates came up as real sore points for clients and candidates consistently throughout.

The Australian Financial Review joined a chorus this week welcoming tech solutions finally modernising HR. It’s presented primarily as a business opportunity and yes, we’re happy to see the attention being given to our industry.

But it goes deeper than that. The entrenched hiring process is mindless, systemised tedium not just for HR people, but for everyone in the workplace.

HR is starting to get the shakeup it needs to finally move into the current century. It’s a genuinely good feeling to be a part of what is a positive change, helping remove one source of unnecessary inefficiency and unhappiness in the modern working world.

Onward to 2016! (Our 2.0 launch is just around the corner ..)

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