Launches Fully Automated Dynamic Candidate Screening System

Perth based start-up is excited to kick off the new year with launch of its new and improved “Dynamic Candidate Screening” system.

Covocate 2.0 brings automated, online processing for job candidate screening that will make the shortlisting of candidates more accurate, faster and reliable than ever before.

Choosing the right person to hire is made easier by the system, which measures how well a job candidate will fit within a team based on work style, motivation and engagement. is re-engineering hiring by challenging the dominant practice of relying heavily on resumes and CVs to select a new staff member.

Co-founder Darren Harlock said businesses are essentially playing resume roulette. “Resumes only accurately predict 14% of successful new hires. What this means for business, is the time taken to review candidate resumes is going to give very little return.”

Mr Harlock said placing greater importance on fit is a better and more accurate way to screen candidates and decide who to interview. By integrating HR technology such as to an organisation’s recruitment process, will significantly increase the prospect of hiring the right person. is an online system tailored to business and team needs, with candidates completely an online assessment as part of the screening process. The system provides online processing, live results and a faster more accurate way of identifying the candidates most likely to be high performing within the role based on motivation, work style, engagement and productivity.

“With 89% of new hires failing for attitudinal reasons, it’s time for businesses to start focusing on selecting people, not documents in the early stages of their hiring process. Research proves this helps get the right person the first time” Darren said.

Announcement contact: Darren Harlock or Leslie Delaforce

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