HR Tech and Recruitment Predictions for 2016

76% of companies will be integrating HR Tech into their business in 2016

Research and data is predicting that technology is going to have a big impact on hiring and recruitment over the next five years. But surprisingly the big trends predicted for 2016 don’t just relate to technology.

Many companies have released their predictions for the top trends in recruitment for 2016 and there’s key themes:

Data – Using data to inform decisions. Dr John Sullivan, of EREMEDIA, and JobMarketMaker predict people analytics and the use of data will be the top recruiting trend in 2016.

JobMarketMedia advised “data-based decision making improves decision quality and speed and has been adapted by every other business function, HR is still slow to jump on the bandwagon. 2016 will be the year, especially since Google has now declared that “All people decisions are based on data & analytics.”
Metrics – Quality of hire will continue to be the most important recruitment metric, measured primarily through turnover, however 2016 will see a continued expanded focus to include the time taken to fill the position and the satisfaction of the hiring manager.

Dynamic candidate screening – Adopting dynamic candidate screening, including video interviews in order to get a more well rounded and in depth understanding of the candidate. Qualigence predicts things like sample assignments, behavioral based interview questions, and video interviews are likely to gain traction for businesses wanting to make more well rounded hiring decisions.The logic behind video interviewing is that it allows recruiters to watch recorded interviews when it is convenient, providing an insight into the candidate without having to meet them face to face.

Mobile friendly – Everything must be mobile friendly, candidates should be able to complete their entire application via a mobile or tablet. 2015 saw 45% of candidates applying for jobs online according to Richard Branson and the B Team and we can only imagine how much this will continue to increase in 2016 and beyond.

Relationships – Relationships may seem like a no brainer, but in a contracting talent pool relationships with your talent will become even more critical. Recruiting should happen quickly, relationships with candidates diminish the longer it takes a business to complete their hire. Talent pools should be managed with respect particularly as accessing the right talent at exactly the right time is crucial. Understand that poor candidate experience through a recruitment process can cost your business and see where you can tweak or streamline your process to avoid a negative experience.

Employer branding – In 2016 companies need to sell their business to candidates, not just recruit. LinkedIn report that 59% more businesses will invest more in their employer brand than in the previous year.

What do these trends mean for you? To stay ahead of your competitors, consider adopting one or more of the new trends, you might start small with process changes or look at ways to incorporate new technology and data into your existing processes.

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