Why Early Stage Screening?

Covocate was created out of frustration with the inefficiency of hiring. We found while there were plenty of options to get better at interviewing and profiling shortlisted applicants, there was a real need for a reliable, scientific, modern approach to shortlisting in the first place. And given most hiring processes only interview around 5% of total applicants, this is arguably the most important step in the entire process.

We therefore focus on early stage recruitment as the greatest potential ROI you can add to any hiring process.

There are two ways to use our process to make your hiring process faster, easier and more accurate.

First is to gather your job candidates using the job platform of your choice, sign up for a single campaign, and forward your automatically generated unique secure link to your candidates.
Alternatively you can sign up in advance of listing your job on your job platform, and paste your unique link into the job advertisement.
The candidates will complete the screening process and be automatically profiled against your target values. You see the results online in real time and can generate your PDF report as soon as you’re feel ready to proceed.

In either case, we are designed to work with your existing processes. You don’t have to change your internal or service providers to use us. Just implement our screening at the start of the process and you’ll have all the data you need to save time, save money, and make a better hire.

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