Awesome New Features

Our team have been hard at work in August implementing a number of exciting new features. This post lists a few examples of the ways were making candidate shortlisting more accurate, faster and more pleasant. Colour Coded Candidates Candidates in each portal now have their scores colour coded based on how well they score for[…]

The Risks of Quotas

Quotas for underrepresented groups are commonly used by organisations to measure and improve diversity outcomes. These quotas play a role in providing an objective target to aim at. They ensure we hold ourselves accountable and measure progress over time, encouraging action above and beyond ‘just talk’. Yet there is nevertheless a risk in approaches that[…]

Our Academic Papers @ IOP Conference 2017

We recently presented our second and third co-authored, peer reviewed papers at the International Organisational Psychology Conference in Sydney. These papers were produced in collaboration with our research partners at the University of Western Australia business school. The abstract for each paper is available to download below: Paper 1 : A​ ​bibliometric​ ​review​ ​of​ ​the​[…]