Awesome New Features

Our team have been hard at work in August implementing a number of exciting new features. This post lists a few examples of the ways were making candidate shortlisting more accurate, faster and more pleasant.

Colour Coded Candidates

Candidates in each portal now have their scores colour coded based on how well they score for overall fit, allowing you to quickly identify strong and weak candidates at a glance.

Candidate Reminders

You now have the ability to set a reminder to go out to candidates after an interval of your choosing, saving you time and ensuring maximum candidate response rate.

Dashboard Improvements

Your dashboard now shows when candidates were invited (or reminded), and displays useful metrics like completion rate and average fit at the top of each campaign. You can also now filter candidates by completion date, as well as by work status or any other custom questions of your choosing (Do you have a bachelor degree? Do you identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander? etc).

Report Enhancements

We've overhauled the candidate report screen, making it easier to see at a glance where each candidate scored compared to your target values.

Where are we headed next?

Our AI capabilities continue to improve and we're moving toward some exciting new developments at present. Candidates will soon have the option to create their own accounts with Covocate if they wish to do so, enabling those applying for multiple jobs within short periods of time to save time and build trust in honest answers through consistent answer patterns.

Our build priorities are shaped by client needs. If you have suggestions or comments regarding our development roadmap, feel free to let us know any time by mailing