New blind hiring features!

Blind hiring is a proven way to combat unconscious bias in the hiring process.

Candidates names, gender, and other identifying features can see them discarded from the shortlisting process before they're given the chance to shine. This is a shame for the candidate of course as they are excluded for reasons beyond their control - but it's also a missed opportunity for companies who unnecessarily miss out on high quality hires and the chance to build sustainable, diverse workforces.

Many companies seeking to enact best practice pay administrative staff to manually print out each job application that comes through, cross out the candidate's name, age, gender and other identifiers, then scan the documents back into the system.

As a starting point this isn't bad - but it's highly time consuming and inefficient. Enter Covocate, which now blocks out all candidate identifiers during the screening process in each of our product levels from basic Core deploy, through to premium Custom.

Clients can reveal candidate names and other identifiers upon completing their campaign, allowing better decision making processes by hiring managers and selection panels, unclouded by unconscious bias.

Covocate Does More

Of course, this is only part of the battle in combating unconscious bias in hiring.

Blocking out names and identifiers has been shown to be an effective way of combating unconscious bias, but it fails to address a couple of additional concerns. For example, female candidates are more likely to have taken breaks for maternity and motherhood reasons and these 'gaps' may lack context when candidate identifiers are obscured.

In a broader sense too, simply obscuring names may not address the historical bias a candidate may have encountered through their career to date. If someone has typically been overlooked for senior positions throughout his career despite his technical brilliance, merely removing his name at this point may not entirely balance the ledger when it comes to his prior roles and positions.

Covocate goes further, ranking candidates for fit based on how closely they align with the role and workplace and providing a solution to each of the above issues. It's the ultimate example best practice in early stage candidate screening, and it's available in seconds online.

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