2017 In Review

Looking back, looking forward..

The end of the year always provides a great opportunity to look back at the year past, and reflect on what worked well during the year and what could be improved.

More than that, it provides a chance to look forwards also, and check whether your current path leads to the targets you set for yourself, personally and as an organisation.

In 2017 we made great strides as an organisation: we improved our features and functionality on every level, onboarded several new key clients across Australia (and beginning throughout Asia), and commenced a number of new research and collaborative partnerships with highly regarded international institutions. Our new blind hiring functionality led to us screening more candidates than ever before, improving the hiring process for thousands of potential job candidates and many happy successful applicants along the way.

We also ran up against a number of new challenges that have us excited for the potential to improve still further on what we offer, and deliver the benefits of blind hiring to diversity and other hiring outcomes more broadly and systematically for clients in 2018 and beyond. There are a number of big changes coming we are excited to announce. This will be a big year. Watch this space.