Rank job candidates for cultural & attitudinal fit in minutes

Your business relies on you getting the right people, but you don’t find out if they have the right attitude and values until after you get them to interview.

Not any more. Find out which candidates best fit your specific role right at the start of your process. Covocate ranks candidates for compatibility in real time, helping get the right people in the right roles for them to shine.

Decide who to interview using robust human data, not keyword screening. Our clever algorithms leverage the proven best predictors of engagement, productivity and retention, giving you the best head start possible on making the right hire.

RESULTS OR PROCESS DRIVENDo you need a predictable performer, or someone to chase results at all costs?

DISRUPTIVE OR HARMONIOUSIs your next star hire motivated by smooth sailing, or one who will actively seek change?

ADAPTIVE OR SPECIALISTWould you prefer an expert, or someone motivated by unpredictable challenges?

AUTONOMOUS OR STRUCTUREDDo you seek someone who works best under supervision, or makes their own choices?