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Safe & Secure

Career Token protects job candidates and recruiters from risks associated with requesting and storing sensitive candidate information and data prior to interview.

Blockchain Based

Our system is decentralized on the chain, ensuring information is secure and safely protected using the Ethereum network.

Integration On Board

Career Token is built from the ground up to interface with existing screening providers, bringing the benefits of Blind Hiring, regardless of vendors used.

Easy Process

Candidate identifiers are hidden by default using our proprietary tech. Employers can request to unlock the details in seconds when they proceed to interview.

Candidate Driven

Career Token doesn't rely on corporates installing our software. Instead, we enable strong candidates to take control and protect themselves easily and securely.

Best Practice

Removing candidate identifiers supports diversity, engagement and productivity in the workplace, leading to measurable results over time.

"Career Token will revolutionise hiring by providing a blockchain based, secure way to protect candidate data through the hiring process."