Our team work with clients in various industries to create better hiring outcomes without compromising standards.


√ Easy to deploy (no install)
√ Get up and running in minutes online
√ Set targets for candidates in line with your specific goals

Covocate is a modular platform that can improve existing processes without removing or replacing your existing systems or databases. The platform works on any modern browser including mobile or tablet.

Setting targets and interpreting results is simple thanks to our intuitive six axis system, meaning even smaller operators can get started with no fuss in minutes.



"After going through our processes and interviews we have ended up with a candidate so superior to anyone we have ever hired for a similar type role it is almost unbelievable. The final three candidates we took into consideration and interviewed just happened to be near the top of the ratings for both fit and consistency, with our eventually successful applicant also being recorded as the best fit for the role. It seems the process is remarkably accurate and I look forward to using it again when required."

- GM, state's largest provider of construction support systems

Large Corporates

√ Full integration with existing databases / candidate pools
√ White label every aspect of the candidate experience
√ Custom filtering checkboxes and options for candidates

As companies grow, their responsibilities do too. Covocate provides an easily implemented way to remove unconscious bias from early screening and implement sustainable diversity hiring process while systemically improving hiring outcomes for alignment, engagement, productivity and retention over time.

Our larger clients typically hire from hundreds to thousands of new hires each year and use Covocate as a tool to support early stage screening. This cuts the time to hire substantially and allows HR teams to focus on proactive improvement, not sorting documents.

No significant difference between Indigenous candidates and wider cohort in large scale hiring program for mining / resource sector client

Graduate Programs

√ Identify best fit candidates aligned with company values
√ Easily manage candidate details and documents
√ Rank hundreds or thousands of candidates automatically in real time

Graduate hiring programs are an essential part of securing the talent pipeline leading companies need to thrive into the future. However with resumes particularly at these early stages not correlating with future success, it can be difficult or impossible to identify high potential candidates from among the hundreds of documents received.

Covocate is the ideal tool when companies are faced with many seemingly similar candidates and no way to accurately discern well aligned candidates on paper. Our platform enables organisations to make defensible, sustainable decisions on who to select to invest time in interviewing and onboarding far quicker than ever before.


"We have really noticed an improvement in the quality of candidates coming through since adopting Covocate. This has been apparent through the hiring chain and we have even had comments from board level commending the improvement in this area .."

- Head of HR, large healthcare industry provider

Peak Bodies

√ Promote best practice in industry to your member base
√ Put policy into action in measurable ways
√ Affiliate programs available for partners

Peak bodies increasingly play a role in championing values and best practice in their industries. Covocate enables these organisations to diffuse easily implementable best practice to members in a highly scaleable, cost effective way.

Our work with member bodies now sees Covocate recommended to over one thousand companies across Australia as the provider of choice in early stage candidate screening and blind hiring to remove unconscious bias.


Covocate is formally recognised as the platform of choice for National Disability Services nationwide