Shortlisting often means cutting hundreds of written applications down to a lucky few. Unfortunately, written documents are a poor predictor of long term success, and companies often miss out on high quality candidates prior to interview as a result.

Covocate combines blind hiring technology with a focus on identifying highly compatible candidates based on their attitudes and values. This ensures candidates are not screened out due to their age, gender or race, while improving hiring outcomes for alignment, engagement, productivity and retention.



Many hiring managers are good interviewers - but this has little impact if you have already screened out your best potential candidates. Covocate works at the start of your process to ensure you don't miss out on potential star candidates based on their documents alone.


Our models remove the guesswork from shortlisting, using proven data-driven algorithms to rank candidates for compatibility with the characteristics of the role on offer. Built in metric analysis makes it easy to track results over time from your Covocate dashboard.


Covocate puts candidates on a level playing field. Our objective technology does not disadvantage any group, meaning potential star candidates are ranked highly regardless of their background. Access candidate resumes in a click from your dashboard.


Covocate ranks job candidates in real time using secure cloud based technology. This cuts typical shortlisting time by as much as 90% and significantly reduces overall time to hire, freeing HR teams to focus on proactive outcomes rather than manual document processing.


Psychometrics and aptitude tests run into problems when candidates can 'game' the system. Covocate prevents this by enabling flexible targets which are not provided to candidates, resulting in better outcomes for companies and candidates. Read more about our questions and axes here.


Candidate merit is about more than qualifications: long term success also depends on compatibility of values and attitudes. Covocate data goes beyond documents, providing a sustainable mechanism for achieving diversity outcomes without sacrificing standards.